Black Skincare: Bevel, A Shaving Solution For Men

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Nas Bevel Trimmer


Every lady loves each of their special men in their lives. These men range from their boyfriend, brother,  husband, to their gay best friend. Women also appreciate a nice clean shave or “shape-up” just as much as the men who wait in those hot and crowded barbershops. It is safe to say that both sexes appreciate the satisfaction of a fresh shave and/or shape-up. We can also attest that “bumps” and in-grown hairs are not so attractive. Just like the wrong razor can bring unsightly and painful razor bumps to the edges of bikini lines, the faces and necks of men everywhere can too. Black men especially, suffer because regular razors are not built to combat the challenge of the growth of curly hair. Walker and Company has changed all of that with their new shaving system: BEVEL.


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Bevel is the first and only end to end shaving system specifically designed to help reduce razor bumps and irritation. It is a 5 part system, including a designed from the ground up single blade safety razor that has been clinically proven to reduce your razor bumps and prevent irritation in those with coarse, curly hair.” –





Not only has the Bevel ‘5-part shaving system’ taken off by storm with a ton of loyal subscribers and customers, but the testimonials are real! With such a great start to a young company, founded by Silicon Valley resident, Tristan Walker, the shaving system is awaiting the arrival of its new partner-in-haircare-crime: the Bevel Trimmer. The Bevel Trimmer is the most innovative ‘haircare tool for men’ to be introduced to the world in forever! Not only is it designed to precisely craft the skin surfaces of curly hair men, but it is also cordless and promises at least 4 hours of battery life. This new product will not be available for purchase online or in Target (yes, the Walker and Company team has sealed a distribution deal with Target) until March. For now, you can pre-order the Bevel Trimmer for a special man in your life or your local barber TODAY.

Bevel Trimmer (PRNewsFoto/Walker & Company)


Walker and Company has created a strong movement in the haircare industry, especially for men, and many influential people have taken notice and are in full support of the Bevel brand. One of the greatest rappers, Nas, has fully endorsed the Bevel, by most recently becoming a brand ambassador and even starring in the latest promotional visual for the Bevel Trimmer (shown below). He uses the trimmer at home and has even put his Master barber, Marcus Harvey, on to game when he goes for scheduled visits. Not only are legendary Hip-Hop emcees behind the solid brand but podcasts everywhere are on board for spreading the word. The Loud Speakers Network is sponsored by the brand and if you listen to podcast shows such as : Brilliant Idiots, Tax Season, The Combat Jack Show, or The Read, you will most likely hear the hosts confidently promoting the brands and products founded by Tristan Walker.

NOTE: Valentines Day is here and it is the month of February, so why not kill two birds with one stone: gift a man of color/curly hair with The Bevel Shaving System or a pre-order for the The Bevel Trimmer (available in March 2016), while still supporting a black-owned business.

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